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We bring you addictive small doses of thought-provoking content

Aweditoria, which comes from "awe" and "audience", is a tool to share and discover high-quality, bite-size content. Our mission is to help surface the best short stories and ideas from the web, and to help anyone understand them better. We provide a medium for publishers to share their best bits and have direct conversation with their readers via annotations.

The Idea Behind
In almost any art you can take a unit of content and distribute it as a separate entity from its parent content. In music, for example, you can take a song and give it its own life, outside of an album, in the form of a single. We believe that the same applies to text. Very often, the essence of a story can be presented within one paragraph or very tiny portion of the text.

The Value of Annotations
Aweditoria is all about sharing these small stories, ideas, concepts, summaries or quotations. This is the first part. The second is to bring additional layer of information by annotating them. We are building a community of experts, bloggers, journalists and regular folks who have something important to say about these short stories.

If you know more about the story, feel free to jump into it and provide your explanation, criticism or opinion. The rules are simple, bring as much value as possible and help others to understand the story better so they can learn more.
You can add videos or images to enhance your annotations and explain the idea further. Great annotations get upvoted and you earn IQ points. We do not encourage leaving short comments, it is not a commenting forum, it is all about brining more value by annotating great ideas. If you are not an expert about the story, but you find it interesting, feel free to research it further and annotate it based on what you have learned.

How to use Aweditoria

Basic Rules on How to Share Stories on Aweditoria
- Snippets of text should make sense on their own.
- Stories cannot be longer than 150 words or 1000 characters with spaces.
- Always provide the link to the original source.
- Pick appropriate category

Basic Rules on How to Annotate Text Snippets
- Explain the idea/story better so it becomes clearer for anyone to understand.
- You can add images or videos to enhance the annotation, but they have to be relevant.
- Please ensure that you use correct grammar, spacing, punctuation and use full sentences.

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Mike Sygula, Co-founder